6 new clients 72 hoursI wanted to tell you about what happened a last summer (not this past one) when I really needed to bring in extra income while figuring a few other things out.

And then I remembered I wrote a bit about it, in a blog post that summer. Yay me!

http://loraleehutton.com/3-new-clients-in-2-hours-do-you-have-an-intake-process/  (click through to grab the swipe file)

What I didn't write about (and wanted to share with you today) is that I created 6 new client folders and had them sitting on my desk. Within 3 days, all 6 folders were full!  Plus, one hastily scribbled version, that didn't pan out as a paying client.
new client folder
I didn't advertize anywhere and I didn't even tell people I was available to do VA work. I'm not sure how it happened, to be quite honest. It was as though the act of creating those folders brought in the work.

I used to do the same thing in my accounting practice, but it was harder to SEE, because new work came in fairly steady anyway... but I had no clients this time, and then 6 clients in 72 hours... pretty wild.

Okay, there's more! I fired 5 of them before the autumn.

Want to know why?

I didn't have a clear idea of who I wanted to work with. Big missing piece. I was receiving the money I wanted, and they were all conscious entrepreneurs (my target market) but they also had some qualities that were not a good match for me. And before I knew it I wanted/needed to end our working relationship.

Any chance you're up for trying it as an experiment?

  • Create some beautiful folders, put them into a file rack on your desk, or in a filing cabinet
  • Keep the energy open to receiving new client work (if that's what you're wanting/needing right now)
  • Add some kind of note on that intake form that helps draw the "right" clients into your life.


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