What if nothing works?

There are some things in life I'll likely never understand.  Like why I sometimes notice rainbows, and other times I don't. Why sometimes life and business is hard work & other times it's almost effortless.  Like being swept down a fast moving ocean,  just on the...

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Day 8 in a Yurt

Today has been a very challenging day. I think we both have cabin fever.  Yet neither of us wants to take the initiative to get out and do something solo.  In fact, twice this week I've left so he could have a few hours alone, and he hasn't exchanged the favor. And...

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Would I burn the boat?

ANSWER THE BURNING QUESTION: what boat do you need to burn? Being that I’ve recently crossed a ferry to live on an island (for a month or more) this question feels a little eerie to me. Timely? Spooky? I’m not entirely sure. There’s more to the story here. Danielle...

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Time to Rest

Stairway at Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC Canada – September 2011 – Loralee Hutton After some serious stair climbing, camping and other adventures while juggling business responsibilities my body decided it was time to rest. This wasn't the first time I've taken an...

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Day 6 The internet dilema

I posed this question in facebook yesterday. If you only had 20 minutes online tomorrow (and every day this week - I'm wifi challenged at the moment), what would you do first? I head to FB first, but maybe that's the wrong place to start... hmm   And I've been...

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