In my mind, in my memory, Kelowna has always been warm.  Hot even!  This past month that memory has been shattered... 🙂

Okay, that's a strong statement.  And I'm not really silly enough to believe Kelowna, BC isn't part of Canada, and wouldn't experience some kind of winter.  But seriously, it feels colder here than most days in Edmonton (and that's REALLY cold).  Maybe it's because I'm in downtown Kelowna and it's windier, or because there is no sun.  but this -11C weather feels like a deepfreeze. I'm bundled with 2 scarves and my winter jacket.  The same gear I wore in the frigid cold downtown Boston, NY last winter.

It's a booming city, and I don't think it's purely tourism dollars.  They seem to have every convenience you would expect in a much larger city.  Very urban chic.  The downtown core has a great collection of small eclectic shops & the banking institutions you would expect.  The Okanagan Library is within easy walking distance to Bernard Avenue (downtown main street), and is a nice place to catch up on email for an hour (pick up a wireless guest pass where you check out books).  Instead of going wireless I stayed disconnected, but plugged into power, and wrote a new "business project" template.  It was a fun 2 hours.  Who knows where it will take me.  Sometimes it's just about the brainstorming for me 🙂

When I was a kid my parents came to Kelowna, BC every summer for a "pastors conference".  It was a full week at a summer camp.  Mom and Dad attended full seminar days, and the other "preachers kids" spent time in planned activities and lots of goofing off.  I had plenty of nights dreaming about Ogopogo and days basking in the sun.  And, my memory of this town is pure HEAT.  I kind of wish I could have preserved that memory.  But, I hear spring comes really early here.  Just weeks from now.

That's something Edmonton can't boast.

Back to being a tourist!  I'll write more later.

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