As your moving into more of the technical parts of creating your product I'll keep today's post & audio short.

Instead, I'll start including some of the tutorials that have helped other people during this process.

If you need help with anything else, please ask for help in the comments below & or in the Facebook group.


Two Things Today:

  1. Please add your requests in the comments below & I'll add tutorials to this page/post throughout the next couple of days for you.
  2. Block off time in your calendar (preferably a 3 hour block with no distractions) to really focus on this project  over the next few days.


Workshop Dates:

Sunday 9:30-1:30 PST

Monday 1:00 -5:00 PST

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Below are some people have already asked for:

  1. How to create an eReport with Free Tools
  2. Your First Webinar (on sale this week for only $10)


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