I wrote this little reflection while suntanning in the garden last summer.


Flowering seed

Like god intended, at the exact moment it
Bursts from flower petals
Begins its long journey
It's dangerous
It flies
It lands and
It dies
And becomes a rebirth (of sorts)
In spring
It Takes unquestioning faith
And so I
Eat a flower seed. Touch a petal.Breathe in its essence.
Embrace my connection with universe
And thank the flower seed for its courage.


Stepping out in faith, knowing the foundation will be there below your feet, once you take that step, is a beautiful example of what nature does daily. We all feel fear. But we don't all "do it anyway".

Rumi said it much better in his poem

We Dance ~ Rumi

We came whirling

out of nothingness

scattering stars

like dust

the stars made a circle

and in the middle

we dance...

~ Rumi


Where are you feeling fear in your life today? Are your ready to burst free, take that risk, become a flower and share the beautiful essence of you, with others?

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