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After mastering the art of writing blogposts at lightening speed, I found myself tripping over the image part of my blog creation. Sometimes I could create a "How To" style of blog post in 30 minutes, and then go on to spend over an hour looking for the right picture, or agonizing over lighting when taking my own.  And then one of my favorite business advisors gave me a list of image resources. I've been adding to that list as I continue on my journey & I'm sharing it with you today.

Remember to watch for copyright & licensing terms. Even if they're in a free directory, there may still be specific terms for the one image you choose.  Happy Blogging!

Royalty Free Images



Free Image Editing Tools (online)

For a full list of resources useful for an online business owner see my up to date list here


photo credit: @Doug88888 via photopin cc

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