Do you have "Make an ebook for my newsletter giveaway" on your to-do list?

As entrepreneurs we're inundated with information, more so than other people in the business world.  We see our friends, and direct competitors (said with love, my competitors are also friends) are using the latest, greatest new technique they learned at a seminar last week. And sometimes we get a little glimpse of the 'green monster' as we look at their website, their email newsletters, etc.

"I wish mine looked as nice as hers."

But truth be told, my clients want my website to look just like mine, not like someone elses. And they want it to be available to them, when they need it (which means I can't wait around for things to be 'perfect' all the time).

So, over the coming weeks I'm going to address some of the most common road-blocks and actionable items you can do to quickly get your communications back on track, focusing on the ones that will bring you the most 'bang for your buck'.

One of the big things I want to share is the "free pink spoon offer", or the "big banana", or simply the "free giveaway" that you will often see on websites as a way to invite people to become part of your community (exchanging email address for a piece of valuable content).  This offering will bring in your ideal client and help them know they belong in your community. It's an integral part of the entire 'system' for an online entrepreneur.

About 1 year ago I created a simple "list post" that addresses this same issue, later turned it into it's own downloadable report & short video. We may now even call this a "product". But for now, it's a gift from me to you, because my primary focus is to see you succeed in business, not stumbling over these technical things that often feel like you're climbing over the Himalayan Mountains

Creating a Simple E Report from a "list post" on your website

And I think the biggest point in ALL of this is, "just do it!" Yes, give them your best work, and highest quality offering. But it does not have to be the best graphics, best editing, biggest ticket item.  You'll sample it for a while, and then you will change it. You don't need to spend a fortune, and months of your time getting this ready, right?

Time will pass, your ideal client will come to your site and not even know she/he landed in the right place.  Just do it now, today, this week (no later)

And then come back to this site and leave me a note, with a link to your new offer. I want to celebrate with you!

xo ~ Loralee

p.s. if this eReport or eBook is later going to be published on Kindle, check out this easy publishing tool

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