The summer I turned twenty-one I made a very strange phone call. I worked as a front desk clerk at a nice hotel. The staff were like family to me. And, I was good friends with the night auditor Robert (although, we all called him Bob). He was older and mature, although he probably wasn’t much older than 33 at the time.

In the middle of a very hot summer night I dialed the hotel and breathlessly said,

” Bob, is that you? It’s Loralee. Someone just crawled in my bedroom window. I pushed him out again, but I think he’s still there. I don’t know what to do.”

There was silence on the line that seemed to last forever, and then I heard.

“This is Joshua. I’m the new night auditor. I started tonight. Loralee, please hang up the phone and call 911.”

I said, “Oh!”, hung up and called 911.
wrong number_loralee_hutton

Are you calling a friend, when you really should be calling 911? In business and in life?

This is a super short message from your friend in business.

Please, please call the expert for the situation at hand.

And then call your friends for moral support after you’ve stopped the metaphorical bleeding.

Oh, and the rest of the story?

Yes, the police, police dogs and helicopter arrived in a few short minutes.

No, they didn’t catch the guy.

I can’t but help wonder what could have happened if I’d called the right number first.

It’s strange how stories pop into your mind as life lessons years later, isn’t it?

If you were to make an emergency call list for your business, who would you put on your speed-dial? Let me know in the comments below.

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