Remember how your ideal customer feels any time your inner critic taunts you today! You can finish this challenge & get this product into their hands (virtually, or physically) and it will bring joy / peace / happiness / calm into their life, even for a few moments.

You and I know this already, but during this last leg of the sprint it's easier to let other things get in the way. Remember who you are creating this for & be courageous.  Stay engaged with the process of finishing this for your ideal customer.

If that means scheduling the remainder of this product challenge for another time, that's okay. Book a "date" with yourself & don't cancel it.

If you need an extra little boost, we're having a race to the finish line by joining forces & having a "joint sale".  Come over to the Facebook group & get the most up to date details.

And check out this video to help work with your Inner Critic.

Joyce DiDonato on Your Inner Critic


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