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The gift for  Sunday, December 15th is:

Nikole Gipps Wrap Up Christmas

From Nikole Gipps - That Super Girl  (Value $250, but on sale this week for $149)

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You’ll get:

  • Updates
    Those winter chills will be kept at bay because you’ll know your site is safe and snug with the latest software. WordPress 3.8 was just released, so I’ll bring you up to speed!
  • Backups
    Ever wish you could take back something you said after a few drinks too many at the Christmas party? Well you won’t have to worry about that with your site, because you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that any snafus can be instantly reversed to an earlier backup. I’ll make a backup of your files and database before the updates and after the updates … and I’ll even preschedule monthly backups for you for the next year!
  • Lock Down
    No Grinch will be stealing your presents, because I’ll make sure you have the latest software that helps prevent hacks and attacks.

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