Vision Boarding when you’re living a portable lifestyle

One of the challenges of living a portable lifestyle is that you can’t really make big projects and hang them on your walls. Or so I’ve found.  I don’t have poster boards, a great printer, all of my boxes of paints, pencil crayons and craft materials.  And it wouldn’t be right to hang something on the walls in the home where I’m pet sitting.

And sometimes I use that as an excuse to not make a vision board.

I think that’s a big mistake.

Or maybe it’s a love letter… from me to me?

p.s. if you’d like to make your own full length video here’s a $5 off coupon for an annual membership to animoto
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  1. Oh Loraleeeee! I LOVE this living visionboard! It’s exquisite! and evokes such depth of BEAUTY and EMOTION! the music is perfect. And yes… it IS a love creation from you to you. I am struck by the magnificence of Nature in your piece as well. And your little red car! how FUN! I may just create one for myself… as a Valentine from me to me!

    I see your dreams fully realized!
    Kathleen recently posted..A Daemon by Any Other Name…My Profile

    • It’s funny. When I look through my photos, at least 80% are of the sky, mountains and water. I wonder if I’ve pulled away from people or maybe it’s just so much easier to capture the beauty in the nature surrounding us? Certainly it’s where I feel the most connected & resourceful even though I seem to spend so much time behind a computer screen. Thank you so much for seeing this so clearly Kathleen. xo ~ Loralee

  2. LOVE THIS!! How inspiring! Thanks for sharing! ox

    • Thank YOU L’Erin for coming by and watching. ox ~ Loralee

  3. Loralee, this is truly heartfelt and inspiring (in+spirit)… sending you so much Love. -Riikka

  4. Oh, I’d forgotten how cool Animoto is! What a lovely idea, beautifully done!

  5. LOVE this!! HOW FUN!!!!!! 😀 Great idea for a vision board for the more digitally inclined.
    Cris:Gladly recently posted..An Ode to Eyes OpenMy Profile

  6. I LOVE this- how amazing to play this to yourself first thing in the am to start your day- thanks for sharing…

  7. Oh my sweet Loralee — this is beautiful! Thanks for the reminder of how simple and lovely it is to create using Animoto! May all your dreams come true as you open your arms wide to receive — xoxo
    Kerrie Blazek recently posted..Sister Goddess Sunday: Super Bowl EditionMy Profile



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