Freedom and Flexibility

Where I did most of my “work” during the summer of 2012

I know, I know.  I talk a lot about WordPress, Tools and Gadgets, Social media strategies and other geeky stuff on this site. And it’s possible I haven’t ever explained why. Sure, I do enjoy trying out new toys & tools, especially if it helps to streamline something in my life. But what really motivates me under all of it, is my search for getting one step closer to Freedom & Flexibility.

In many ways I have more freedom and flexibility than my friends, or even myself 5 years ago. But I keep searching, striving for something more. A place where I have the money freedom and the time freedom to do what my heart is called to do. And somewhere along the way I’ve told myself that the answer for me is through creating a website presence and having that presence create some kind of residual, ongoing revenue stream. I’ve been trying to build up a business model that would consistently bring in revenue for my “freedom fund” (this is an arbitrary number, but for me it represents my basic living costs. Rent, Transportation, Food, Telephone/Internet). And of course, why I’ve been creating a Portable Business for myself & helping others do the same.

One of the ways I thought I could reach this goal was by taking my passion for creating small websites and focusing on one until it started making $10/day in profit. And then moving my focus to another, while automating as much as possible with the 1st one. Repeating the cycle, and hopefully learning some shortcuts along the way, and repeating it again until I had a diverse collection of virtual real estate that would give me the freedom and flexibility to spend 3 months in Italy writing a book. Or to volunteer for 3 months in Ecuador in a community where they’re building small businesses. Or, take my nieces on a vacation to somewhere fun & not worry about my business model needing so much of my time and personal energy to keep it running.

I had become quite discouraged, really.

And quite distracted.

And I think this is where a lot of my self-esteem challenges have come into play. I’ve been doubting my odds at making this work.

This past year has been the most challenging in a very long time. And if I was seeing any progress at all, it seemed to be microscopic. I started to wonder if there was any point continuing.

But wouldn’t you know it? The exercise I did last night – the one where I took stock of all of my inventory (education, software, hardware, domains, affiliate links) brought out some interesting surprises.

I followed up with a couple of affiliate partners who hadn’t sent prompt payment (yes, sometimes you have to do this, I’m afraid) and before the end of the day today a thought crossed my mind.


I hadn’t checked for a long, long time. I didn’t know what my “average daily revenue” was. (The money I could directly attribute to the writing I do on this blog & the referrals I make of business products and programs)

Guess what I found?

You’ve got it! Three-hundred and twenty beans on average each month for the past 4 months. And the beginning on January (this first 4 days) an average of $11.93/day

That’s right on track with the goal I set.

I know! You’re probably laughing right now. It’s hardly enough to make a car payment. But, it is the goal I set for myself. And now I need to find a way to duplicate it. To make things a bit more streamlined and automated. So I can continue writing & not giving myself brutal headaches.

I am completely and utterly open to any suggestions you might have to make my journey easier. And, I’m also hoping that in reading this today you’ll understand me a little bit better. I’m not purely fascinated with WordPress, tracking numbers and weird tools. I’m fascinated with creating a life that gives me freedom and flexibility  And studying these things gets me closer to that goal. Teaching and sharing is just a natural off-shoot of it.. hence the plethora of blog posts on the topic.

So, with a little spring in my step I am ready to continue on in my journey. In many ways it’s a small accomplishment, but it’s a huge milestone for me. My belief in self & the hope I have in designing my own unique flavor of what freedom means to me.

Thanks you for reading again today. I’m truly enjoying this opportunity to blog on my website daily & not necessarily be an article, tip or tool.

This life is all a grande experiment, isn’t it?

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