2000 Follower Limit Twitter ~ How To Make Your Breakthrough

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Business, Travels

I want to follow awesome people. People just like you! But I’ve been up against at 2000 Follow limit in Twitter for almost 3 years. And it could happen to you too.

If you’re following more than 1500 people today, and you have less than 1500 followers, it will almost certainly happen to you.

But first – Why would I WANT to follow 2000 people on Twitter?

Good question! It’s not that I can possibly keep up with all the tweets, or even be in regular contact. But it doesn’t take very long to connect with a few hundred people who are interested in Travel, and then another 500 who are entrepreneurs, and 300 people in my local community with diverse interest groups, and another 100 from the big seminar I attended in the summer. And as time goes on, it amazes me how I still reach into those lists and reconnect with people through twitter – just a quick little message, or to make an introduction.

It’s all about relationships!

A little history:

When I first signed up for twitter in May 2008 I connected with awesome people, and built up a strong network. I followed people I was interested in, they followed back. We had conversations & I made some great new friends. I’ve even done business with more than a few. But then one day in late August I found I couldn’t follow anyone new. I did a little research and found out there was a limit on how many people I could follow, until I was over the magic number of 2000.

So, I spent less time on twitter, because when you can’t follow people who you’re talking with, they sometimes thing you’re being a bit of a snob (or that’s what I’ve heard).

Some days I’d go in and delete people that were just making noise in my twitter feed. But once I’d done that a few times, I was only faced with real people I wanted to remain connected with – and for the life of me I couldn’t say ‘unfollow’, when I truly wanted to stay in touch.

Now it’s less fun to hang out in twitter.

I’m looking like a snob.

I have to delete friends and really cool people.

I don’t want to play anymore.

So I disappeared for a while, and just hoped that I’d magically have a few extra followers when I came back, or the rules might have changed.

But it doesn’t. These things don’t fix themselves. The rules didn’t change.

Three years later I’m still at the same sticking point. The people I want to follow are really in my “Follow list” and I’m still hovering around the 1650 mark. I still look like a snob, because I can’t follow anyone back, and I’m looking for a GREAT big solution to help me solve this problem.
So I’m reaching out through my blog to ask for help. I’m hoping that I can raise your level of awareness about this, because it could easily happen in your world too.

Help me get over the 500 followers limit? Then come back here and tell me about it? And let me know how I can help you too. I’m doing research now. I’ll share my report with others who reach this same point in their “twitter life”.

Will you help me get over the 2000 follow limit?

Help me prove that the only way is NOT by unfollowing people I chose to follow.

Within a week to 10 days, I’ll follow you back. I’ll keep a great big list of all the people who follow. Plus send you a big thank you.

THANK YOU now too! Just for reading this message.



p.s. I think there’s some good Karma in this one too!


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