2010 Reflections

by | Dec 23, 2010 | Business, Tools

As 2010 comes to a close I’m curling up with a latte and my journal and reflecting on all the changes this past year has brought.  Good or bad, they’re all part of the foundation that will bring me into the New Year.  Last year I went through the same process & found myself feeling grounded and ready to set aside the past & move forward with confidence.

I’m including the questions here that were sent to my by Lynne Klipple (thanks Lynne!)

Step 1- Look back at your wake
Imagine we are on a motor boat on a river. As we look behind us, we see the wake of the boat in two streams.

It’s like that in life too. Wherever we go, we leave behind the 2 R’s: results and relationships.
Use these questions to look back at your wake of 2009:

  1. What results from 2009 make you the most proud?
  2. What relationships brought you the most joy?
  3. What benefits did others receive from being in a relationship with you? Did you make lives easier or harder?
  4. Do you need to forgive yourself for anything?
  5. Do you need to forgive others?
  6. What can you let go of now to feel lighter and more free?

Step 2- Celebrate the Present Moment
Look around you. You are abundantly blessed in many ways. Consider all the things in life that you take for granted like running water, a toothbrush, and clean clothes. Then, consider all the bigger things- health,cars,homes, work you life, creativity, passion, love, friends, pets, etc, etc, etc.

Pump up your gratitude with these questions:

  1. What resources do you have to celebrate in this moment?
  2. How are you richer than you were before? (Consider wisdom, health, love, friendship, as well as your material blessings)
  3. What can you do in this moment to express your gratitude for all the gifts of 2009?

Step 3- Create Your Vision and Intentions for 2010
This is where it gets really exciting. Give yourself permission to dream really big. Don’t just repeat the same goals you always list every January or the things you are doing because someone else feels you should.

Answer all these questions from the deepest part of YOU, listing only the things that make your heart sing.

  1. How do you want to contribute to others in 2010?
  2. How do you want to contribute to yourself in 2010?
  3. What things would you most love to accomplish in the new year?
  4. Why are these things important to you?
  5. Can you create a chart, mind map, vision board, or other physical reminder of those items that you can see every day to remind you of your dreams?
  6. What do you need to put into your environment to reach your dreams?
  7. Who will support you in your growth?
  8. How will you celebrate your progress- both the small steps and the big goals?

I’m also including a link to the document I’ll be using for planning in my 2011 business year.  You can download it here.

Thank you for being a part of my life.  I cherish the connection with you.  May this moment of reflection bring you the same happiness and joy it’s bringing to me.
Happy New Year


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