Intake Process New Clients You've hit a dry spell, then all of a sudden you have 3 people asking to hire you in 2 hours. What do you do? Do you have a system in place? How are you making it easy for you, and your clients to work with you?

If it wasn't for systems I had created in advance, I'm sure I would have been a mess last Monday.  Between 11 and 2pm, out of no where, I had 3 people ask me to work with them. 3 people I hadn’t worked with before, and didn't know. My hope is they felt cared for, and their experience was seamless, even though I could have easily been flustered.

Do you know what to do when there is a rush of new opportunity?

Have you made room for new clients?

This might sound a little woo-woo, but I believe it's possible we, as entrepreneurs, sometimes block new clients from working with us.  When I'm feeling a bit of a slump I double check to see if I've made room for a new client to work with me.  Do I have forms waiting, just ready to be filled out? Or do I have a "full mentality". Inevitably, when I create space for 2 or 3 new clients (in my case, a physical folder with forms in it), the space fills up within days, sometimes hours.



3 Actions you can take today:

  1. Spend 5 minutes going through your “intake process”. Draw it out on paper, write it as a list, use a mindmap program. Whatever your natural style is, for a brain dump.
  2. Create space for your new clients or customers. Prepare folders like mine, or whatever will fit with your work flow.
  3. Get back to work, doing what you do best.  See what happens.


These are the files I’m currently using (Microsoft Word- very basic)

  1. New Client Package
  2. Customer Tracking Form


See how simple it can be? Set yourself up for success today. Share on twitter if you found this helpful.

And share in the comments below if you have any other resources to help fellow entrepreneurs with this part of their business.

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