emergency_planStep 2 of the Quick Cash Flow Emergency Plan

If, after taking inventory (from my post last week) you’re still not entirely sure what you’ll put in your Quick Cash Flow Emegency Plan, browsing through a list of other quick cash flow ideas might help fill up your list.

First, quickly refresh your memory by looking at your inventory list from last week.

Then, grab a sheet of paper or open a blank file on your computer, and let’s start brainstorming.

Browse through the list below and jot down a few that you might want to work with. If you can, list 10-20 different ideas, even if they seem far fetched.

Brainstorm Ideas – Think Outside The Box

  1. Offer 1 on 1 coaching to a very select group – ask them to apply to talk to you – based on the number of spots you’d like to fill, respond to the people who you feel most thrilled to connect with, and work with them privately.
  2. Consider an alternative or creative solution to a potential clients problem
  3. Pre-sell a teleseminar course, homestudy program or group VIP day and include a 30-minute Breakthrough session with you (perfect for making a high-end offer)
  4. Have a holiday sale of any homestudy courses, past teleseminars or recordings you have (hint: include trainings “hiding on your hard drive” – not currently available on your site – and make them available for that sale only)
  5. Open up just 1-2 spots for high-end private mentoring/coaching with you (6 months or 12 months)
  6. Reach out to past teleseminar, group or workshop clients and offer a VIP day or shorter program
  7. Raise your fees!
  8. Go to all of your clients on payment plans and give them a special bonus or savings for bringing their accounts current
  9. Collect all unpaid money still owed to you by past clients
  10. Offer a juicy bonus for clients who pay in full (versus payments)
  11. Offer a ½ day training for a small group, paid now and delivered in the coming weeks/months
  12. Let your current clients know you’re opening spots for 1-3 new clients and ask for referrals (you’d love to serve clients just like them)
  13. Call past and current clients to present an additional service, such as a VIP day or ½ VIP group workshop
  14. Call at least 5 of your colleagues or mastermind partners and let them know you’re accepting referrals
  15. Follow up with all potential client inquiries from the past 90 days and offer your latest program
  16. Follow up with everyone you’ve met at an event or networking meeting in the past 90 days; make them an offer or ask for a referral
  17. If you have an affiliate program already in place, contact your affiliates to ask them to send out an extra promotion email.
  18. Go through your best blog posts and turn them into a quick e-course (delivered by autoresponder)
  19. Purchase a PLR kit on a topic your audience loves, and turn it into a quick digital product, course, or even a bigger program
  20. Invite potential clients/customers to a “beta version” of a program you’d like to launch in the future. Be transparent, share your ideas and a discounted price for people who are “early adopters”.

(From my program, The 14 Day Product Challenge)

Product Components for Passive Income:

  • mp3
  • video
  • podcast style
  • pdf / workbook / ebook
  • autoresponder series (video, email, audio)
  • apps
  • software
  • quiz/assessments

Product Components you can include for leveraged income:

  • membership forums
  • private coaching / VIP days


  • Checklist
  • Workbooks
  • Templates
  • Story telling in an interactive ebook (vs. “how to” or straight info)
  • How to style ebook
  • Interview or recorded coaching session (as an guide) with accompanying workbook for participants to do their own work
  • meditations
  • links to a music playlist on soundcloud or 8track (dotcom) (or other) that is combined with another medium
  • audio training program
  • video training program
  • video how to
  • recreate a live workshop (with audio / video & handouts) dripped through an autoresponder over several days or weeks
  • autoresponder email series over one week, or one month
  • recurring, but fixed term membership (3, 6, 9 or 12 months) that has no forum, but provides content over a set time period with a fixed end date

Mix and Match product types to create these variations:

  • checklist + audio + workbook + ebook
  • video + checklist + workbook
  • favorite blogposts turned into ebook + video
  • meditation + workbook
  • interview recording / webinar + workbook
  • group of prerecorded audio + transcripts
  • ebook (group of blog posts on similar topic with action steps or checklists)
  • music playlist online or link to a YouTube song (help to handle copyright issues if you link to original musicians music) and exercises in a playlist
  • calendar (blank + example of completed one) + worksheets
  • templates + checklists + case study
  • tool kit + resource guide
  • quiz or assessment (like a personality test) + workbook or videos
  • app to track habits, food, health, money
  • software that solves a problem
  • podcast series that is open to the public, with paid workbook or video series
  • FTM (fixed term membership) to deliver course content (a paid membership can be delivered by email autoresponder, or hosted on a website)


Bonus List – if you don’t have a business emergency plan, but need some ideas to bring in extra money quickly:

• Look for hidden money – things to sell, cancel memberships that are not used etc.
• Feng Shui your home
• 40 day prosperity plan (
• Get a second job (some people call it a bridge job – while building  business)
• Have a ‘pay what you can’ sale
• download Top 10 Tools for Manifesting Now (
• hold a fundraiser in honor of YOU
• ask friends to donate
• Use credit card points for a big purchase
• Check all avenues for the best deals
• Read the book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder
• Listen to
• Ask for help! Friends can often brainstorm a solution with you.
• Check holiday and birthday cards for forgotten about money (back of the sofa, old purses, coat pockets too)
• make a list of 50 ways to make money right now – pushing it to 50 will make you more creative!
• Pick up Denise Duffields book – Get Rich, Lucky Bitch for some really great assignments (and cheeky stories) on creating abundance.

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Next week we’ll pull this all together to create a plan you can access anytime this year (or next).


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