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More than anything else, I love connecting people with the resources or people they “need” to know! Which makes posts like this one today such a delight. I get to write about some really cool programs  offered by people I know, like and trust. Okay, love might be a better word in this case!  I Love these women! Very much like this post I did in July, I’d like to introduce you to:

Sammi Johnson

How I’ve managed to not talk about Sammi on my blog, is completely beyond me. She’s been a friend and confidant since the earliest day of Bschool. Someone I’ve laughed and cried with. She’s recently launched a new brand that I believe encompasses some of her greatest attributes, through her company Sammi Is Social.

And, she has this cool Kickstart Social media program at a price too affordable to list here on this page. Pop over and check it out, or her Not-So-Basic SEO program.


 Julia Nieman

Heart of gold & a passion for teenagers to match. Julia has released her first book this past month called 31 Powerful Lessons.  She believes that their dreams matter and is passionate about teaching them how to make those dreams come true.  She has built her own successful online business and is going to share this knowledge with others who work with teens and young adults.

Check out her work with helping teenagers develop an entrepreneurial mindset.     31 Powerful Lessons

 Mayi Carles

She’s a firecracker.  If you haven’t seen her Friday videos, I highly recommend it.  Even if you’re not interested in business, they’re entertaining & packed full of wisdom & fun. This past week she released a new program (that I immediately purchased) that walks you through the process she took to create her first digital product that sold over 5 thousand copies in one year.  Seriously! It’s called 5K Sales in 365 (and yes, I’m now an affiliate for her program. I couldn’t help it. It’s really good!)

Check out her videos (and sign up for weekly reminders) and look at her new program 5K Sales in 365 days


Suzane Evans

I met Suzanne Evans in early 2010 at her Be The Change event in Florida (the beginning of my 5 1/2 week adventure on the east coast during the winter I turned 40)  Her message was exactly what I needed to hear, after wrapping up a year of challenges & change. I’m not sure she’s everyone’s cup of tea, but she was mine! And, she’s doing a new free livestream with this week. Maybe you’ll get the gist from this one little snippet from her?

“Stop wasting months or even years of your life dawdling. Beating around the bush. Making excuses. http://bit.ly/RvHiMJ “

Or check out the intro video for the free event here http://bit.ly/RvHiMJ


 Susan Jacobi

If it wasn’t for meeting Susan Jacobi in Vancouver the year before, I would not have been at the event in Florida (with Suzanne Evans).  In fact, Susan was the only person invited to my birthday party that year (and maybe a few seagulls by the ocean.  She has become a dear friend & I’m so proud of the work she’s doing at www.ConversationsThatHeal.com

She has a weekly radio show on CTH Radio, every Tuesday at noon PST (the next one is October 2nd with Dr. Sue http://conversationsthatheal.com/category/radio-show



Send some Twitter Love and connect with these women too?!  (click here -there’s a pre-tweet set up)

I hope you enjoyed meeting these ladies as much as I enjoyed connecting you to them.

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  1. Amber

    This is a great overview, Loralee. The way you speak about each person is so soul-filled and gives a glimpse into the person (vs. the marketing we so often see through the interwebs :)).

  2. dana

    I love that you gave a shout out to a few women you have made a difference in your life. I’m familiar with Susan Evans and I’ll definately check out the others! Love your picture in the header. xoxo