In this 5 part series I’m talking about 4 ways we let self doubt creep in.


  • Asking for advice from people who aren’t in your target market.
  • That nagging voice – Doubt
  • Fear of Failure
  • I’m not an expert!
  • 5 things you can do to move past your hurdles

Asking for advice from people who aren’t in your target market

I do this far too often.  I ask friends and family, “What do you think of this idea?”  And they really don’t know the answer.  And when I run into doubt and confusion, I sometimes consider abandoning the project.  It feeds into my fear that it’s “not good enough”.

Especially when I’m launching a product and teaching a program that truly draws in the “free crowd”.  I often hear, “I can just get this information anywhere for free”, and “Would you ever use a product if it cost money?”  (The answer to both is YES.  To the 2nd, “of course I pay for things.  I’m just aware of what’s available at a low cost and reinvest my revenue wisely in other things”)

Instead of listening to the voices of resistance, in this case I reminded myself that what I’m really teaching is not about being cheap, taking shortcuts or doing a shoddy job.  It’s about opening our eyes to what’s already available to make our lives easier, while building a profitable business.

Isn’t that the goal after all?  Running a business with a healthy profit margin?


There are plenty of ways you can be:

•    Fully supported in your business (even without spending a lot of money)

•    Quickly test the market to see if your business idea is profitable, and then move forward

•    Make wise decisions with your startup capital (even if those startup funds are only $100)

Part 2 –  Asking for advice from people who aren’t in your target market.

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