5 Ways To Overcome Hurdles in Business: Part 4

by | Jul 21, 2012 | Business

In this 5 part series I’ll be talking about 4 ways we let self doubt creep in & 5 Ways to Overcome Hurdles -Including:

Fear of Failure

Okay, fear of failure.  This is also a myth.

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Failure is good.  Unless you hold onto something with a death grip & go down like a sinking ship of course.
Having a project fail is a good thing.  It means you tried (yes, and failed) but you tried.  How many others can say the same thing?  Celebrate your success.

Before the sting has gone away, sit down and write yourself a long letter.  Let it all pour out, until your fingers are exhausted, the tears have all been shed and there is nothing left to say.  Sit back and you’ll find a bit more.  Go on, and get it all out.  The anger, frustration, “I wish I had done it this way – All of it.
This stuff is going to help you next time.  And not only that!  It’s going to also help someone else, if you’ll allow it.

Yes, everyone needs to make their own mistakes, but some can be avoided by listening and learning from other people who are slightly ahead of me on my path.

I’m not an expert!   Ha!

Of course you are!  Just because you don’t have ALL the answers, or haven’t made your millions (or billions – or maybe even $20K this year) does NOT mean your skill set is any less valuable.  There are people out there who need to hear your unique voice, experience or problem solving solution.  Maybe it’s in the form of a product you created.  They might be right where you were last year, or 5 years ago.  And you could save them years of heartache by sharing what you’ve learned while walking down the entrepreneurial road.
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You are an expert
You do NOT need to take another course
Or buy another book
Participate in another group program
Before making this sale
You already have everything you need to launch
You already know everything you need to know
Sometimes you just need to remember

And if joining a mastermind, group coaching program, or paying a mentor or guide will help you remember, then go for it.


But do not say to yourself.

“I will offer my product/service to the world after I learn this/finish this course.”

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