UBC-bannerbox200Around this time every year I sign up for Michelle Shaeffers blog challenge The Ultimate Blog Challenge, along with at least one other business course. It usually backfires on me (in that I don’t actually finish either of them) but something really cool happens regardless. And I wanted to share these things with you today.

1. I meet really cool people

For JV opportunities, new potential clients, guest posting opportunities. The list goes on. Challenges like this connect me with people I like. People who aren’t afraid of rolling up their sleeves and doing some hard work to get from here, to there (wherever that might be for them).

2. Inevitably my website gets better.

I can’t help but look at my website with fresh eyes. I have new visitors, new commenters and people who don’t know me from adam,stopping by to say hello. I guess it’s a bit like tidying up your house before you have house guests. Except I tend to do it over the time we spend together, because I’m logged into my site every day & I notice little things.

I have done things like outsourcing new header graphics, picking a theme that works better, optimizing my opt in freebie. Paying more attention to SEO. The list goes on. And the benefits pay off months later.

3. Come up with a great business idea (or 20)

It’s not that I’m every short on ideas. But during “challenges” I’m often faced with other peoples questions more often than I would be otherwise, and my brain goes straight to problem solving mode. I create more tutorials, guides, videos and content (outside of what I’m posting on the blog) during those 31 days than I do other times of the year.

4. My systems improve

When I’m tackling the same thing every day for 31 days I get really bored of making the same mistakes. I start looking for shortcuts everywhere I go. If I can shave off a few minutes here and there, I will. If I can automate something new, I will. I’m acutely aware of deficiencies & try to make improvements.

In tomorrows post I’ll share with you the tools I use to help make group challenges easier.

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