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Askloralee_logo_2Last week I sent out a survey with one question in it. And then opened up a field for comments. Guess what? People asked questions!

And because I didn’t include a name field I have no way of responding. (oops!)

So, instead of trying to guess, or pull the covers over my head and pretend I didn’t see my mistake, I thought it would be a good idea to answer the questions right here on the blog.

If you haven’t had a chance to answer the survey yet, you can right here, at the bottom of this post. It’s really short, and easy!

Here are the anonymous comments/questions:

Question/Comment #1

I want to become more organized with my time

You might benefit from the Fired Up & Focused Challenge by the Yogi-Preneur

Every day for 30 days she sends out a short video (usually less than 15 minutes) with an action you can take to become more focused and organized.


Fired Up & Focused Challenge


 Question/Comment #2

Is there anyone in your network who offers a purpose-business astrology chart along with a quick step (a-z) business plan for new entrepreneurs? I’d love a combination of esoteric & logistic planning.

I used to work with an awesome astrologer who also did business coaching, but not planning. So, I’ve put out some feelers to see if I can find a great answer for you. If this was your question, could you please email me, or write a note in the comments below so I can connect you together? Thanks!

Here are some resources for you!

From Denise Duffield Thomas:

Denise Duffield Thomas

Siobhan McAuley




Take Soibhan up on her offer to connect here

Andrea Mai Astrologer
Connect with Andrea at http://andreasnumber.com/



Question/Comment #3

I want to make a digital product (ebook, ecourse, etc) love this Loralee! trying to get a sense of whether i am ready for your biz club, or not

My Answer:

I’d jump in right now while the standard version of the Biz Training Club is free. Anyone who is already in will have an additional 6 or 12 months (not quite sure yet, but I’ll give you lots of warning) to stay in completely free, even when I start charging for the program later this year.

Here’s a quick link, in case you feel like taking action right now!


Question/Comment #4

work out what program to use to have online courses running smoothly from start to finish

My thoughts on the topic:

If you’re looking for help with the techy parts of running an online course, a lot of it will be covered in the 14 Day Product Challenge coming up in just a few weeks. And, there’s lots of information inside the Biz Training Club (even the free version). And, you can always write and ask me for help with a specific topic. In fact, I hope you do. I’d love to hear what you’re working on.

If you’re looking for strategy on how to put together course content (Course Design) then I would look to a few of the experts in that field.

Here are a few people other resources:

  1. http://mynameisbreanne.com/elearning-ug-tools-technology/
  2. Free course on e-learning from Kelly Edwards http://www.wiredlearningblog.com/courses/buy/j3wQJoEp/


This next question may have been from the same person who asked the question above.

Question/Comment #5

Have someone who can help me do that, as until I do I can’t advertise my courses

My Answer:

Depending on the platform you want to use, I’m sure we can find a tech VA who can put this together for you. If you see this post & can comment we’ll find someone who can help you get this done quickly.

Question/Comment #6

What should I do when I feel there is no motivation to create or share anything and I just dream/procrastinate and find excuses for not doing what I know I should/could do?

My thoughts on the topic:

When you’re dreaming and procrastinating, do you journal at all? I personally find that when I’m lacking motivation it’s because the things I’m working on aren’t really in line with my long term goals. I wonder if you could allow your subconscious to send you some answers that will clear things up? Would you try the exercise I mention below?

When you’re clear on the 1 thing you could do to be of service to your business, today. I suspect you’ll begin to find your motivation comes back as soon as you start trusting yourself to take action on the things you & your business needs.


Question/Comment #7

get a step by step plan (and get out of overwhelm mode)


My Answer:

I have two little tricks to get out of overwhelm. The first one is to pull out a blank sheet of paper and pen/pencil. Go somewhere where you’re not looking at your computer or other devices & write at this at the top of the blank sheet of paper:

How can I be of service to {insert the name of your company / brand here} during this work day?

Then sit for a moment or two in complete silence.

When you feel the need to write, write. It doesn’t have to make sense. This isn’t a to-do list.

Sometimes the answer I get is “take the day off”, or “send out an email to this small group of people”. I’m almost always surprised by the answer.

The big thing though, is to get out of your head and actually do the work. Clarity really comes from doing. From getting into action, creating things you’d love to create, and making some progress on your “to-do” list.

Do you have another resource or tip? Or, was your question in this post & you’d like to clarify something? Comment below.

Answer the one (or 2 if you’d like) question survey here! It’s fast!

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  1. Wenda McMahan

    With regard to the question/comment #2, this is totally something my mom could offer input on. She already does weekly astrology readings, life purpose readings, and other kinds of readings (has software to make the charts and years of experience).

    A Life Purpose reading might be a good start, but she has done a “life plan” for someone before. http://www.orbisfarm.com

  2. Breanne

    Thanks for the shoutout, Loralee!

    Love helping business owners take steps to get to the next level, and developing amazing online courses (that actually get results – for your business AND your students) can be a big part of that.

    Happy to offer anyone in your audience who wants to sit down and chat with me about their courses and business – be that the technology, the course design, the sales and marketing, pricing or the like; just click through to my site and used the ‘book a free consult’ button.

  3. Semonna McNeil

    Hi Loralee!

    Semonna McNeil here. Great post, as usual!

    I wanted to add my name here for the person that is looking for support with online course creation.

    I help coaches and service-based entrepreneurs take their courses from conception all the way to the bank. As a lead generation expert and marketing strategist (and former techie VA), I can help you with direct implementation of all the backend technical pieces (course/membership site setup, email marketing, etc.) and the overall marketing strategy.

    You can find me online at http://www.runleaplaunch.com

  4. Deb

    Also, whoever asked about not being motivated. My passion is guiding people to access, get in touch with their true selves. When you are really connected to your self, your passions, your dreams and you are not pretending to be somebody else, if doing things because you think you have to, you will find an unlimited source of energy. No more procrastination. It is as if you become compelled to act as the energy comes from within.

  5. Molly Morrissey

    Hi Loralee, I was just notified about this post, that I should add my name in for Question 2.

    I’m Molly Morrissey, a traditional astrologer and guide who focuses on business situations, entrepreneurs and professionals. Traditional astrology is a particular way of working with the birth chart that also uses the ancient 4 Temperaments/Elements. If there’s anything I can help with, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

    I don’t work with a quick-step business plan, however. I start with an initial consult to understand the person, so that they can see their deeper underlying patterns for behavior and motivation. Only then would we step into business planning and timing cycles work. Big picture, looking at the whole life, then focusing in on now. I help my clients develop the larger narrative that is emerging as they move through their careers and lives. I’m also fairly well versed in business set-up, strategy, coaching and marketing planning – and so can get people pointed in the right direction. I’ve got a variety of different practitioners that I can refer to for specific work in any of those areas for more focused work, if need be.

    I’m over at http://mollymorrissey.com. 🙂


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