Starting with a 90 Day Action Plan

by | Jul 25, 2012 | Business | 7 comments

Earlier this week I had a fantastic conversation with an entrepreneur who’s creating a new business. She has great questions & I could sense her passion in wanting to do things the right way, but also the desire to have it done already. I’ve said this before.

This online business game is quite the learning curve.

I really enjoyed our conversation, and I wanted to share some of it with you (I have her permission, of course).

I don’t know how or what to do with mailchimp, or how to set up a store. I want to eventually have, or offer downloadable free information. I would like to have a members only section. I would like direction on what I post in Facebook, the newsletter and website. Is it the same? Is it different? ….

And…I need help getting link backs, building SEO optimization, keywords, etc.

She clearly wants to do this right. She’s done so much homework already. But it’s too much, all at once, isn’t it?  Makes me dizzy when I think of all the responsibilities we put on ourselves while creating a new business (I do it too).

So, I made a “cheat sheet” last night to keep it simple.  I’d love to share with you, along with a 90 day planner to help choose “What to do next”

  1. Portable Biz Plan: 3 Questions, Why? What? How?
  2. 30 60 90 Day Action Plan

(right click to download either of these files – no opt-in required)




To Your Success,

loralee hutton

p.s. Please pass this along to friends who would benefit on your Facebook Wall, or in Twitter! Remember to include me in the tweet @lahara so I can thank you!  Thanks!

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  1. SonyaT

    Hi Loralee,

    Are you still providing the downloadable cheat sheets?

    • Loralee Hutton

      Hi Sonya,
      Thanks for asking. It looks like my sugarsync account is no longer active. Sorry about that I’ll upload the documents in a few minutes. You might need to refresh your browser for it to show up. Let me know if you have any trouble with it?

      Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


  2. Kelita

    Hi Loralee

    It was great to meet you yesterday.

    I have spent some time on your site here. WOW! You sure have been a busy gal. I am blown away by all the “stuff” in your tool box. Makes me dizzy – that’s a quote from you:)

    I look forward to the contact you were thinking of for me. Who knows once I spend some more time here there may very well be some things I could call on your services for. I admire people like yourself who have this gift of putting it “all” together. I find so much of it very overwhelming when it comes to having an online business.

    Have a great night!


    • Loralee Hutton

      Absolutely “dizzy”. Even a year or more later, when I think back to that moment I truly get why she felt so overwhelmed. It really is an awful lot to learn all at once.

      I’ll make sure to send you that “done for you” resource I was referring to, in a new message. Thanks so much for stopping by Kelita! It was awesome meeting you. ~ Loralee

  3. Michelle McGrath

    Loralee I am really enjoying your newsletters and tips. I love the way they are so short and digestible. Great advice!

  4. Kimby

    Loralee, thanks so much for this! As I gradually form my “business,” your downloads will be invaluable.

    • Loralee Hutton

      Can’t wait to see what you’re creating in your business. Your blog looks delightful today! (and yummy!)

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