A Marketing Plan That Won’t Make You Crazy

by | Nov 5, 2011 | Business | 3 comments

I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but I’m short tempered. And most of it seems to be related to information overload. Everywhere I turn there is another expert telling me….

YOU SHOULD do this in order to be successful!

You MUST do this if you want people to notice you in the new economy!

It’s a bit crazy making!

For me anyway!

Is it really that complicated? Or is there a possibility the people I’m listening to (or receiving emails from) are simply specializing in this area, and want to make a few more sales with a ‘scare tactic’? I don’t really know the answer. But this afternoon I opened an email with the message you see below. This person suggested that the only way for me to make more than a few thousand dollars a month, I would need to do the following:

  1. Drive myself insane by doing more marketing than I’ve ever done before
  2. Get in front of 1000’s of new people
  3. Make changes to my programs, products and services
  4. Create a plan for leveraged income and revenue streams
  5. Start doing webinars, video marketing, public speaking and more
  6. Build a whole support team, become a manager of staff, spend a fortune and…

Still find time to enjoy the flexible, freedom lifestyle I crave. (See image below – I really have exaggerated a little)


Seriously? Not everyone needs to have thousands of people on an email list. In fact, there are plenty of guru’s out there who will remind us that a dedicated customer base of 100 people is more than enough to create a sustainable business model.

Here’s the thing…


I believe in building support teams, and creating structure, and having a solid business plan. But it’s not ALL about marketing, despite what all the popular guru’s might tell you. It sure is fun, and it sure makes a huge difference. But ultimately if you’re not making Sales, there is no point in marketing. And without looking at your current situation, following a marketing plan (especially someone elses marketing plan) can be a fatal next step.


If there is one piece of advice I can offer to you today, it is this.

Take the time to look at your business in its current situation. Look at it from a 50 foot level. What do you see? Try to remove emotional attachment? Maybe even imagine your father looking over your shoulder at your business right now. He’s a wise guy, right? Or maybe imagine an old boss who you admire. What would he/she say to you while examining your business today? And ask this wise person 3 questions.

  • What is working?
  • Where am I spinning my wheels?
  • What should I focus on for the next 30-60 days?

Wait for your answer & write it down. Sometimes it takes a little while to get the distance you need to really gain clarity. But when you do, you will probably see things that:

  • lighten your load
  • give you extra time to focus on your favorite client projects
  • bring in extra dough (that’s moolah – money – the stuff we need to pay for a roof over our head, great food & help grow our business)

Now that you see this clearer picture, think of a few ways you can spruce up your current Marketing Strategy so you’re not wasting as much of your precious time. There is no need to implement everything at once. Keep it simple and promise yourself you’ll come back to take a look again each month. Making small changes each month will help you achieve your goals much faster than taking massive amounts of time away from your business today to develop a big huge marketing strategy.


This little ‘scribbled’ marketing plan helped a friend focus on his marketing for his new business. Could something as simple as this work for you too? You can download this one here

Are you overwhelmed by Marketing? What could you do today to make it a little more fun, or a little easier? Share your insights here. We can all benefit from your wisdom (and the words of the wise one you consulted earlier).


p.s. Please tweet or share this on Facebook. I have a feeling a few friends could benefit from hearing this message today. Thanks J

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  1. Rhonda Neely

    Perfect time of year Loralee to evaluate my marketing plan to see what’s working and what needs changing. Thanks for the reminder and the 3 great questions! Congratulations on your TV show also!!!

    • admin

      Thanks Rhonda! You’re so sweet. Drop me a line sometime. I’d love to hear about your growing biz 🙂 Loralee

  2. Melissa Goin

    Loralee, I’m really enjoying the excitment of sharing via social media… figuring out the ‘special’ things you can do is the tricky part… not so easy… Thank you for words of wisdom to come back to fun 😀