I used to run a profitable accounting/software consulting business, with staff, a downtown office and amazing clients.   I left it, for this...Loralee Hutton portable biz

I’m Loralee Hutton and I crave the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere. And truthfully, that’s often from the comfort of my own home, in my favorite robe. Sometimes I’m working at a picnic table in a campground. Other times, I’m just not “working” at all, because I’ve built passive and leveraged income streams that support me while I take time off.

I run a very, very lean business (I used to run my business on less than $30/month but as the business has grown it’s closer to $100/mo – still far less than most online entrepreneurs) using mostly free and low cost tools to streamline and automate as much as possible.

It wasn’t easy, transitioning from the consulting business to an information product model. I’m what some would call “multi-passionate” and I really didn’t know where to focus my energy & time.

It took far longer than necessary, but now I make a decent living helping the very same kind of people I loved working with in my consulting business (inspiring micro business entrepreneurs). And, I can help so many more through this model than I ever could before.

If you’re looking for help in transitioning to a full time online business, I’m here to help. I have lots and lots of free resources on this site, and inside the Portable Biz Club.

But the biggest thing I can help with? Is to help you take action (you might want to read this article). By taking action every day, I moved from paralysis to clarity. Even during the times when I wasn’t sure it “made sense” or I was scared out of my mind. Taking action (or what some might call inspired action) helped me shift from stuck and frustrated, to building a solid, sustainable business.

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