Another Starbucks

by | Mar 12, 2010 | roadtrip 2010

Another Starbucks…. another town…

Another Thank YOU to my Aunt and my Cousins for the birthday gift so that I could pop into a Starbucks on this trip and enjoy a latte and connect to wireless for a couple of hours (or as long as my battery would last in some cases ~ Like yesterday when I arrived to find that I had only a 20 minute charge on my battery and no charger with me ~ after a 30 minute walk to the local starbucks!  I wasn’t happy with myself after 2 days offline!)

BUT, I did have the most amazing walk to the water and through the city of Kingston.  I imagine this was the same/similar walk that my Great Grandfather did many times when he would leave my Great Aunt Esthers house in the early 1980’s.  He was notorious for walking up to 10 miles a day into his late 90’s while living in Kingston, Ontario.  And often talking to the Mayor, or the Police or whomever would listen to his stories about life.  Or, to play his mouth organ.
I didn’t do either!
I sure did stop and take pictures and video until my blackberry battery completely died!  Can’t wait to put those pictures up ~ once I get the cable out of my suitcase  🙂

Until then you can take a look at a couple of pictures on my facebook page.

My month of travel is drawing to a close.  Today I purchased the 7 day Discovery pass from Greyhound, so I know I’ll be home within the week!  I have mixed feelings about this, as I’m not finished writing & I have found bus travel to have been a lot more tiring than my experiences on the Train (VIA and Amtrak) ~ You can see my article about train travel here.

I believe my internet connection at this Starbucks is coming to a close!  I’ve been browsing for a long time!  It’s time to go…. Enjoy your Friday evening…

until next time…

~ Loralee

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