Twenty Seventeen Year in Review (2017)

I haven't done a year end review post since 2014. I'm not sure if I didn't enjoy it, or if I thought my year wasn't interesting since then, but I loved the format of Elizabeth Goddards (post here), and decided it would be a great way to celebrate some big and small...

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2018 Planner Roundup

By the time the US winter holiday season starts, we also seem to get into the new “planning season” for next year… Have you noticed? Especially if you’re an entrepreneur. And what better way to plan for 2018, than to find the perfect planner, that helps you brainstorm, create a plan for 2018, and then execute that plan.
In my experience it’s not a one size fits all approach, but something you refine for yourself, year after year. So I began pulling together an annual list of planners, specifically for online entrepreneurs.

Whatever planner you choose, keep these things in mind:
1. reflect on what worked & didn’t this past year
2. make adjustments
3. and then set your compass for the upcoming year.

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Bring in new audiences from WordPress

If you previously used you’re familiar with the options to follow a blog post (to receive updates when they’ve posted something new) without needing to subscribe to an email newsletter. But did you know you can use this same feature on your

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2017 Planner – Roundup

November seems to be the new "planning season"... Have you noticed? Especially if you're an entrepreneur. And what better way to plan for 2017, than to find the perfect planner, that helps you brainstorm, create a plan for 2017, and then execute that plan. In my...

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Work and play, all while away

Is it possible to play and have adventures and still get some quality work done? Of course! It’s not easy at first, but it’s absolutely possible. There are a few approaches that have worked or me! 1. Charge more and work fewer hours If you’re a consultant or have the...

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Elusive Freedom

Sometimes I want to laugh at how bizarre the idea of “freedom” is to me. I chased freedom for so long, believing it was what I wanted, without truly understanding what it was I was looking for. This week I’m playing along with the lovely Natalie Sisson, and I have a...

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Where did I go?

I can't help wondering if my wish yesterday really did come true. I hoped no one would read by blog post, and sure enough, the blog and about page on my site won't load. The only way to read the post is to have a direct link. I couldn't replicate the problem if I...

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Simply post something…

I'll be honest, I'm hoping no one reads this post today. Okay, I always try to be honest, so that's a bit of a silly thing to say, but I really, really would prefer to just stay in hiding. Except that when I'm in hiding, I keep telling myself how much I'd love to be...

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