Hey, where are you running to so fast? What’s the hurry? Have you stopped to take a look around recently?

There are some really beautiful things happening

right here

right now

in this moment!

Yep, right NOW!

Pause for a quick second….



This moment.


…. This one…


What do you feel? How is your body feeling? What’s that smell near you? The lighting? The rain? What’s around you?








I don’t want to get too far into the headspace of why, but I do want to quickly mention that taking the time to look at your NOW is important, not only for the essence of you, but also for the way you run your business. And that’s one of the reasons I so strongly encourage you (and me) to spend time looking at the current state of your business. And I usually do that by asking you to measure something (webstats, sales figures, expenses, number of subscribers) – things that bring you back into the moment & remind you of the changes that have happened in the past days, weeks and months. It’s so very easy to get caught up in the rat race we forget about the goal/target we’ve set for ourselves. Sometimes we’re even moving towards a target we haven’t clearly defined (and that’s a bit ‘crazy making’). But if we don’t take a moment to stop and look around us, our poor body, mind and soul can become exhausted.

Stop and look! Look around you. Look at your life, look at your business. Be grateful for where you were, and where you are today.


Stop and smell the roses. Or the poinsettas! Or those smelly socks in the corner J

Little flowers I leaned over to smell after picking grapes during harvest in Victoria, BC

And if there is something you’re not terribly happy with, when you look around you – change it. It’s all within your power to change it. Stop doing something, say “no” to something, delegate it to someone else, or delegate it to another week, month or lifetime for that matter.

Don’t do the things that make you unhappy, miserable, scared, grumpy, pissy.


There’s no reason to be in this headspace, and if there is something that’s bringing you to this space, seriously, change it!

Bring yourself back into alignment.

Even if it’s just one tiny baby step that makes it seem more bearable. Taking control of the situation WILL have a magic ability to make you feel better about it.
So STOP & look at where you are right now! Is this what you want to be doing? Does it make you happy? Are you lit up inside & out? Can the people in your life see why you’re so happy doing what you’re doing?

And is your business “happy”? It’s a reflection of you.

It can be so simple to make small changes today to create change.

Share with me one thing, big or small, that you’ll do to make change in your life/business today.

P.S. I’m in a writing challenge called Contentpalooza during the month of November, and writing 50,000 words. This short post was written in the middle of a thunderstorm, as a “note to self”. I hope you find you find it as helpful as I did.

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