I haven't been posting often on my blog, and that saddens me.   I have a multitude of excuses, but they're just that! Excuses.  Most recently I've had an injury that's kept me running to different doctor appointments, or numbing myself from the pain by sleeping.  And, I've started another blog about it.

In the midst of it, we took a long car drive (much disapproval from my medical care team) to the mountains for several days soaking in natural hot springs (I've written other posts about these  natural springs here too).   On the drive down the mountain side was this beautiful sight.

Around the Corner

This is probably one of my favorite views on a country road.  Taking a little pea of what might be around the corner & never really knowing what might be there.  Like life, actually.  You can anticipate the best, or the worst outcome.  I see something exciting and beautiful.


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