Avoiding Entrepreneur Overwhelm

by | Jun 2, 2012 | Business | 3 comments

This week I’m entering into a new blog challenge, while simultaneously starting the first week of Bschool, joining Michelle Schaefers Launch your Blog program & an ecourse from Leonie Dawson. It’s a bit much. In fact, I’m a little concerned I’ll be up until all hours of the night trying to meet deadlines, spinning my wheels or heaven forbid, get sick.

It’s a little funny how these things happen. I had been waiting patiently for RHH Bschool to start again ~ continuing education is a big part of my life. And then all at once I’m offered 3 amazing programs (and a blog challenge) that 5 months ago I would have jumped into feet first. In a heartbeat. But instead I had to chose.  And I wonder, am I the only one who takes on too much during their entrepreneurial journey? It seems to me that I’ve often gone in cycles like this. Working in a solitary environment, getting really solid in my work cycle & then I begin to crave change. And then it “rains activity!”

So, instead of getting completely overwhelmed, this time, I’ve set up some structure for myself.


I’ve already scheduled in all of my core class structure into my Google Calendar.  Tonight I’ll spend a bit of time with colored pencils & my dayplanner (It calms my mind, I know, it sounds a bit silly).


Plus, I’ve restructured my “work day” so I can enjoy the summer weather. I’m trying out 8:30-12:30 at my desk. Choosing to spend my afternoons by the pool (probably reading course material and/or watching videos), or walking near the ocean.  Then I’ll be back at my desk for a few hours in the evening, because that’s when I really enjoy writing & connecting with my “night owl” friends.

p_00374I went back to “My Ideal Work Week”, and was able to quickly see where I’ve been out of alignment and how easily I could make changes to feel less like I’m “working hard” and start enjoying the freedom I truly have.



Then I created an html file (now my homepage in my browser with links to all of the sites I use to keep my business running efficiently. No more searching through bookmarks, or trying to keep information in my head. It’s all there on my customized home page. (Ask me “how” if this is something that would help you. I can make a short video)


I made sure that everything is backing up on a schedule (including my Firefox Bookmarks, WordPress website, files on my computer)


I have a massage booked for early next week. I have business buddies I can call on if I’m getting close to overwhelm. And after writing this blog post, I feel supported & ready.


How about you? Are you feeling over-committed? If so, can you put something in place today to make sure you’re okay 3 weeks from now & 6 months from now? Let me know what you’re doing to take care of you + your biz.

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  1. Jo Michaels

    I think we may be long lost twins. I compulsively plan out my days/weeks/months!! I also HAD the habit of editing as I went until I read On Writing and decided that I needed to edit AFTER a cool-down period. That advice was bang on. Now, I go through three drafts then hand it off to a friend for light tweaking. Flow, baby, flow 🙂

    WRITE ON!!

  2. Loralee

    Thanks Laura!It’s not second nature to me either. But I must have an alter ego who’s a bit of a task master with the undisciplined, unstructured version of me. Today, she isn’t winning. Maybe tomorrow 🙂

  3. Laura Orsini (aka Marcie Brock)

    I admire you left-brain types, Loralee! My coach very patiently asks me during every call, “Did you put it on your calendar?” At least I don’t come unglued at the very word “discipline” anymore. But I think your system is pretty important for those of us with a habit of overcommitting. Good luck with all your projects! We’ll be here cheering you on!