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by | Nov 11, 2010 | Business, Tools

On Tuesday I came back to this blog to write a new entry, and noticed that the font for the Blossom 2.3 theme I use had changed.  It was “black on black”, so you couldn’t read a single word on the screen.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  There have been a few blogs written last year when I used colored fonts, and they showed up ~ how interesting.

Blossom Theme Screen shot – as it should look!

So I spent time trying to figure out what was wrong without success, and then made a decision to use another theme in the meantime.  Browsing themes in WordPress can be an interesting project.  So many to look at, and choose from.  But, many of them don’t ha

ve the same widget settings, or width format that I’d been using previously.  It meant that my links, and favorites weren’t showing up at all.  My blog was no longer showing what it had in the past.

“Maybe it’s time for a complete overhaul”, I thought.  And the idea is still with me. But this morning I came in to approve comments on earlier blog postings and tried out my old favorite, and it works again.

Maybe I’ll never know why. .. But in the meantime I’ve got a new backup system in place for storing my blog data, and I’m thinking about a backup plan for the themes I do use in wordpress

Are you backing up regularly?  (and what does regular mean to you?) Are you backing up to media in your home, or using on online service?

Just a few things I’m thinking about this morning before getting ready for Rememberance Day.

Rememberance Day in Canada


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