Become A Super Affiliate

  1. Send a personal email to friends or clients who you think would benefit
  2. Talk about it on Twitter
  3. Interview me on your blog
  4. Talk about it on your blog.  Review it, share how you use in your business growth.
  5. Send out a message to your email newsletter list
  6. Write about it on Facebook
  7. If appropriate for your website, consider me one of your paid advertisers & add boxes on your sidebar or anywhere else where you’d place an advertisement
  8. Put buttons, quotes or reviews in your next newsletter
  9. Do a video review & include your affiliate links
  10. Grab the banner images from your affiliate page & share them in appropriate places
  11. Do a giveaway contest on your blog about one of my products & use the traffic to get affiliate sales
  12. Offer one of your own digital products or services as a bonus for anyone who purchases through your affiliate link

Have other great ideas for affiliate promotion?  Why not start a thread in the Q&A area and generate some buzz. I’ll keep this page updated & fresh.

Can’t wait to send some affiliate money your way! Thanks so much for helping me promote the Portable Biz Club