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Loralee_BizTraining_Logo_transparentMost people will tell you an email open rate of 25% is very good in the online world. I suppose that’s true, but it’s painful when it’s the best you can achieve for a paid program.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s tied into the platform I’m using, or a combination of other problems.

But for the time being I’m going to start posting some of my newsletters right here on my blog.

Dear Biz Training Club Members,

Instead of sending a new course to everyone at the beginning of the month, I’ll start sending you a coupon so that you can pick a course that suits you. One that really helps you at the stage you’re in, instead of me making the choice for you.

Does that sound fair? I hope so!

I’ve already started making changes to the backend so that this will work & hopefully it will be ready for you in January.

During December I’ll update my 2015 plans, take inventory of 2014, etc. As soon as I get started, I’ll polish up my inventory spreadsheet & send it to you (I’ll probably blog about it as well).

But I won’t be releasing a new course/product for you in December, and here’s why.

The Automate Your Biz course I delivered this month took a huge amount of time to set up – even though it was virtually the same as the PDF version. I’m glad I did it, but was really sad to see that I’d done so for so few people.

Email delivery is a big part of the problem, I think…I’m getting 25-30% open rate. And then 10% click through…But that means that even with 430 members in the Biz Training Club, only 12 people took the course…

It was similar with the most recent 14 Day Product Challenge too – less than half of the people who registered received their daily emails. Which honestly makes me feel like I’ve let you down, in a big way. Or, at the very least, let down the people who didn’t receive their emails.

And, while I’m grateful that I could help 12 people in Automate Your Biz and 52 people for the Product Challenge, I need to find a better way.

Helping less than half of the people who raised their hands and asked for help just doesn’t sit right with me…

Which sort of leads me to the next point in this really long message.

I miss blogging. I miss writing about things I love & things I’ve learned. Or creating big huge resource list posts. I know blogging only reaches a limited audience too, but I really enjoy it – when I’m not completely terrified of typos, bad grammar and analysis paralysis when trying to pick the right featured image 🙂

So, for a while I’m going to get back to blogging. I already started this past week, with 5 new posts under my belt.

I’m not sure how all of this will play out, but I’m really hoping I can find a better way to reach every member of the Biz Training Club, through a combo of email, blogging, the private Facebook group and social media.

It’s important for me to truly help people, I don’t really see a point of being in business if I’m not helping.

But it’s also impacting my bottom line – because I rely on people clicking through to affiliate offers (even the free ones) for the majority of my income.

Which brings me back full circle? If I’m not helping, there’s not point, but if there’s not money, it’s not a business

So, if by chance you’re reading this before Monday, December 1st and know someone who would benefit from learning about online business models, I’d be very grateful if you’d share my black friday special. It’s a great course that some people described as the course they wish they’d taken before B-School, at a very good price.

[product id=”6606″]

It’s the same course many of you took this summer as part of the beta program, but I’m delivering it on the fedora platform. Just in case that wasn’t obvious – please don’t buy it if you were in the course this summer 🙂

And, there’s still time to go through Automate Your Biz. I won’t update the settings until at least December 5th… Jump in if it feels right for you.

Warm wishes & thank you for being here,



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