Bookmark this page to revisit from time to time, as we’re adding new products/tools and resources you can use in your business.  Premium items I’ve purchased with permission to share with you.

Available for Quickstart Level or higher
  1. CommentLuv Premium
  2. Google Hangouts Plugin
  3. Premium Headers
  4. Instant Header Software
  5. Premium graphics / buttons
  6. Premium WordPress themes (Canvas, from Woothemes and collection from
  7. PLR article packs
  8. see note at bottom of this page

If you discover a developer license you think we should add to this growing list, please write to and share the details with me.  This will trigger a “ticket system” email, so we can track it & makes sure we follow through in a timely manner. Thanks!


I own several software /plugins / reports that need updating or branding & aren’t available to the public.  I’m happy to share them with you, members, if you’d like them in their current state.  For example:

  1. Competition Sniffer (WP Plugin)
  2. Like Blaster (WP plugin)
  3. Meme Storm Lite (WP Plugin that turns a website into a meme creator site)
  4. SEO max lite (WP plugin)
  5. Trend Magnet (WP plugin)
  6. Viral Breakout (WP plugin)
  7. WP Intra LInk LIte
  8. WP Viral Share
  9. Squeeze Manger
  10. WordPress Video Library (73 training videos available for you to watch & learn from – but in a mans voice – not my own)