Borders, Boston near South Station

Just a quick note to say “hello”

I’m in Boston today at a Borders book store. I’ll write more later about the man who I met this morning at the station after my luggage was lost again.  Who walked with me over to Borders and shared part of his morning with me!  It was fun to find out he was an accountant & was in the city today to attend a trade fair because he’s thinking about starting a business!

I can’t stop thinking of the time spend with the young family on the train for the past 2 days.  Some big dreams to be fulfilled  in the town they just stopped in early this morning.   It’s been fun telling  people that I’m writing a book, and nothing else! Their dreams just tumble out of them.  It’s fascinating!  Eventually I tell them more if they’re interested & we have time.

Speaking of time!  I’m walking back to the train station (in the rain ~ I’m so glad I have my little umbrella) to see if my luggage was on the Washington, DC train!  Wish me luck!


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