Bring in new audiences from WordPress

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Essential Tools, Tools, WordPress

Bring in new audiences from WordPress

Oct 26, 2017Essential Tools, Tools, WordPress

If you previously used you’re familiar with the options to follow a blog post (to receive updates when they’ve posted something new) without needing to subscribe to an email newsletter. But did you know you can use this same feature on your site, to bring in new audiences from

Bring in new audiences from with this free tool

I know that as an entrpreneur we should always be looking for ways to build our email list. But for me, helping people is always a bigger priority. So, if that means giving them an option to follow, instead of signing up (1 click, instead of typing and clicking at least 3 buttons) then why not offer it as an option too.

So, I’m turning on my “jetpack” follow feature again. And you might consider it too.

There are heaps of new benefits in the Jetpack toolchest * (a plugin I’ve been using since 2011) and not all of them will benefit you, but here are a couple that I think will.

1. Save time writing blog posts

You can create your blog posts in a distraction free writing environment, right on* (if you’d like)

The clean editor makes it easy to focus on what’s most important, you’re writing. It can be really valuable to to not be looking at plugin updates, Woocommerce orders, etc.  🙂

2. Lots of stats and reports to view, without being overly confusing

One of the things I really like about Jetpack Stats is that they keep it really simple. It’s easy to get lost in Google Analytics.

But maybe I enjoy it most because I’ve had it turned on for so long (yeah, I’m seeing a bit of a punny statement there

When JetPack is connected, you’ll see a whole bunch of stats and other fun things, and you can either click through to them on your website, or click through to more information on WordPress

3. Save huge amounts of time with Google Docs extension

Now with the Google Docs Chrome add on, I can do copy/paste images into a google doc, even have someone proof read it (although, I didn’t for this post, and probably should have) instead of needing to save each individual image, optimize it and upload it manually. This saves me massive amounts of time when creating tutorial posts (and hopefully will encourage me to start doing more, now that I’ve got it set up and working)

I can even choose from the drop down menu, and create a draft for my course custom post type, or any other page/post. It doesn’t have to just be blog posts.

Once you’ve clicked through, you can see your*  sites, and your sites in one dashboard. Just click through to any one, and you can even write your posts there, update plugins, and lots of other things… (it does take a bit of time to poke around and choose the ones that best suit your website)

This is is where you’ll find the plugin* on (although it’s easiest to add it from your main dashboard)

Here’s a screenshot of the settings in Jetpack that turn on the bar you’re used to seeing if you’re coming from

After clicking on the “save” button my post immediately shows up on my typical WP post listing, and also in my listing on, leaving me lots of choices for editing and/making my job easier when I’m working remotely.

Working with multiple authors on the same WordPress post

I haven’t tried working on it with multiple authors, so I’m not sure what would happen if someone was editing in WordPress (.org or .com) and then I clicked the “update” button.

I would expect there to be some conflicts if you’re both working on a post at the same time. (keep your eyes open). Or, consider using google docs, because you can easily see each others changes, and it doesn’t require extra “saving” button. Then, when you’re ready to publish (or push it to your site as a draft) click save.

The only problem I’ve encountered with this method is that when I submit my post from Google Docs to WordPress the images import without image (and it’s a pretty big problem for me – see below)

I’ll keep looking for a solution, and when I find it I’ll update this post.

Have you been using Jetpack? If so, let me know in the comments below what your favorite feature is.

*include my referral link. They offer free products/services, but if you purchase an upgrade I’ll earn a commission.


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