photo credit: ***Bud*** via photopin cc

photo credit: ***Bud*** via photopin cc

July 1st.  A brand new fiscal quarter. The second half of the business year. Canada Day, and full on summer (where I live anyway).  The kind of summer that makes it really difficult to sit behind a computer and …well….do much of anything really. It’s hot!  The fans & air conditioners are on high gear & I’m not.

I think this time of year should be set aside for sprinklers, popsicles & riding your bike to the lake for a lazy afternoon of swimming & catching up with friends before or after summer camp.

That’s what summer was like for me as a kid anyway.

So today I’m wondering to myself how I can create that same feeling of luxury, while running my online business, participating in maybe one too many challenges (30 Day List Building Challenge with Nathalie Lussier, the wrap up of 30 Day List Building with NAMS , the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and two of my own programs, the 14 Day Product Challenge & 30-60-90 Day Action Plan).  It seems like a lot when I look at it listed here. And I remember writing a similar “Big List” last summer.

But you know what? This time it feels like it could be easy & simple. I’ve made tweaks and changes to my business & life and instead of  “challenge” (in the negative sense) it feels like a great big game?  Fun!

This summer, instead of letting things slide I’m taking a bit of time out for these fun business building projects.

Writing every day – to you!

Instead of pulling out a whole bunch of “how to” blog posts (there are enough of them on my website already) I’m going to write. It’s what I crave. I have no idea if anyone will read it.  And I have no idea if it will help or hinder my brand. For the month of July, I’ll do it anyway.

List Building (scary phrase)

I’ll be thinking of creative ways to connect with more and more people online. I’ve already seen the changes in ease of running my business by tripling my email list in 2013. I’m going to keep working at this aspect so that I can look back on the summer of 2013 as a fun & wise investment

Create FUN products

Instead of creating ho-hum boring PDFs, I’ll be daydreaming up other ways to make the projects I’m working on fun.  More fun! Like, maybe adding a road map to a project, instead of just a checklist?  Or pin the tail on the donkey instead of a normal “to do list”.   Fun! You know?!  Like summer time when were kids.

Meeting Cool People

In just a few short days I’ll be hopping in the car & driving to Portland for a conference. The best part of this conference is that so many of my online friends are registered.  They’re coming from all over the world to this one event. It’s going to be a lot like summer camp!

And of course there are the other amazing people I’ll be meeting through the 3 other challenges I”m participating in.

What are you doing this summer to keep your business alive & well?  Oh, and fun?



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