Work and play, all while away

Is it possible to play and have adventures and still get some quality work done? Of course! It’s not easy at first, but it’s absolutely possible. There are a few approaches that have worked or me! 1. Charge more and work fewer hours If you’re a consultant or have the...

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Elusive Freedom

Sometimes I want to laugh at how bizarre the idea of “freedom” is to me. I chased freedom for so long, believing it was what I wanted, without truly understanding what it was I was looking for. This week I’m playing along with the lovely Natalie Sisson, and I have a...

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Names, domains and losing my identity

So many coaches will recommend running your business from your own domain name URL. They suggest skipping the torture of picking a clever URL and instead, register and run everything under your own name, building a personal brand that will grow with you over time. In...

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why I don’t call myself a coach

There has been a lot of talk lately about people abandoning the term “coach”. Life coach, business coach, health coach, career coach. I’m not sure if it’s just in the communities I’m involved in, or if it’s much bigger. But it’s fairly clear there is some unrest and...

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Scatter Brained

I've been online for less than 15 minutes today and already I've dropped the ball 3 times. I came online to do 1 thing, and one thing only. But I can't remember what it is.  It's more obvious to me than normal, because today is my day off! And I'm not meant to be on...

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Creating Sticky Social Media posts

By now you probably know that I love researching new products, tools and resources. And that I adore sharing what I find with you. Today's tool/resource is one that’s so packed full of goodness that I needed to make a video to show you what’s inside. Earlier this week...

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Where did those files go?

Earlier today I was looking for a digital file. Something I bought a few weeks ago for about $10.00 USD. I don't remember the name of the company & only have a vague recollection of what it was called. I do remember what it was going to help me with in my business....

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