2017 Planner – Roundup

November seems to be the new "planning season"... Have you noticed? Especially if you're an entrepreneur. And what better way to plan for 2017, than to find the perfect planner, that helps you brainstorm, create a plan for 2017, and then execute that plan. In my...

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Work and play, all while away

Is it possible to play and have adventures and still get some quality work done? Of course! It’s not easy at first, but it’s absolutely possible. There are a few approaches that have worked or me! 1. Charge more and work fewer hours If you’re a consultant or have the...

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Giveaway Re-Launch Party

Welcome to my first contest/giveaway for 2016. If this is your first visit, click here to learn a bit more about why I created a portable biz, and then come back to decide if these prizes might benefit you, on your own unique journey. I'm super happy you stopped by!...

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