Elusive Freedom

Sometimes I want to laugh at how bizarre the idea of “freedom” is to me. I chased freedom for so long, believing it was what I wanted, without truly understanding what it was I was looking for. This week I’m playing along with the lovely Natalie Sisson, and I have a...

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I remembered….again

It’s days like today, the third day of migraine, when I remember why I created a portable business. Why I’m passionate, driven and probably crazy to keep pushing forward and working insane hours most other days.   I remember, in the wee hours of my pain-filled,...

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Vacation Deal

I'm heading on vacation in a few minutes & forgot to share with you a "get it done workshop" I've created for people who want to check "Create Opt In Freebie" off their "to-do list". Create an "Opt In Freebie" Today Co-Work with me on Wednesday August 21 from 9 a.m. -...

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Growing Pains Extraordinaire

There's one thing I've learned about business. It's not about business at all. It's about guts, emotions, tears, joy, ecstasy and heart. At least the solopreneur kind of business. I haven't met a solopreneur who hasn't had their heart ripped open while creating their...

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Home Free

So much to share ~ but for now 1 quick update!   We're Home Free The horizon is open & we have the freedom to make so any different choices. Today I'm picking up the mobile hotspot & sorting out some power issues.  2 days of "unplugged" time coming up and then back to...

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