We’re Celebrating with a Sale

by | Sep 27, 2013 | 14 Day Product Challenge

Starting tonight we’re celebrating the finish of the 14 Day Product Challenge with a big sale! I hope you’ll join us!

We’ve had 23 deals submitted to the group sale (some right under the wire) and it’s been so fun to be part of. I absolutely adore this process & the people in the September challenge have been amazing to work with.

Just wanted to give a quick shout out, here on the blog, to celebrate you & your amazing work.

The deals are only available at this intro price for 72 hours, so I’d encourage you to pop through and check them out. Support a fellow entrepreneur by sharing it with your community (use the hashtag #7bucksale).

Here’s a few click to tweets:

$7 to improve your business and life? You bet but only for the next 72 hours!

Learn how to set it and forget it for your next product offer @ReneeShupe

 From business to life so many options all for $7 each but only for 72 hours get your here

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