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This was a great experience!  I asked you for answers & your response was amazing.  And the answers came back in a way I would never have expected.

Honestly I thought I’d see a clear image of what to blog about, write about, focus on for the next 30 days.  I thought there would be a resounding YES for one, and the rest would fade away.  But not the case!


As a group you voted for:

35% Tips & Tricks for a Freedom Based Lifestlyle Business

34% Travel with Me

23% Where the Money Flows

8% Catch Up Day

It’s fairly obvious I can leave Catch Up day for another day! J  But the others received fairly equal voting (almost identical for the first two).  Which is good in many ways, because they are my favourite topics.


I also received interesting (to me anyway) feedback, including:

Love your honesty, how about life changes and rolling with the punches xx  3/2/11 3:34AM

Those of us that know the how-to, and get the relationship with money piece, I think need to integrate the two together. You have a gift to be able to share the two!  3/2/11 6:53AM

I like the idea of the “vulnerable” journal re: your where the money flows idea…feels unique!  3/2/11 8:58AM

how to eat vegetarian  3/2/11 3:33PM

how to make financial things fun so those of us who avoid it will do it! 🙂  3/2/11 6:18PM

love the site, wish I was the type to do this stuff. Maybe I can hire you to write for me!!! 🙂  3/3/11 2:12PM

Inviting all your entrepreneur friends to share what they have learned on their road to financial freedom  3/4/11 2:14AM

Teach courses through blogs?  3/18/11 3:07PM

Can I ask for your help ONE more time?  Vote YES or NO in the survey below & why.  Include your name and email address if you’d like to receive responses to this survey too.

Thanks again for your help!  I really do appreciate it.


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