Closeout Shop Announcement

by | Dec 28, 2014 | Business

Closeout Shop Announcement

by Dec 28, 2014Business

Effective January 1, 2015 items in the shop will be removed and only available in the Biz Training Club members area. Today is a great time to pick them up at clearance prices.

SALEEarlier this month I told you a little bit about my decision to close down my shop & move everything into the Biz Training Club. Time has flown by, with the busy-ness of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. And now it’s actually the end of the year & making the decision official.

On Thursday morning all of the items in the shop will be removed. Everything else will be the same (your products and items in the members area won’t change) but nothing new will be for sale until I re-release the membership later in Jan/Feb.

Why I’m closing my online shop

A lot of people have asked why I’m making this decision. It’s really not a terribly exciting story. Primarily, I want to have the energy to help more people, without burning myself out. And, it’s just simpler for me to have one main thing to focus on in 2015.

But, the decision was made easier when thinking about the VAT rules for digital products. I’ll revisit this decision again before the end of 2015. I’ll check in with you & see if it’s still working for everyone. If you need me to make changes, I will.

I might make some of my smaller products available in store that sell on my behalf (sending me a commission /royalty payments, like my books on Amazon Kindle), but I’m not rushing into anything right now.

Biz Training Club is Free until December 31, 2014Loralee_BizTraining_Logo_transparent

I’ve left the Biz Training Club as a free signup until the end of this year as well.

If you haven’t signed up yet, just add it to your cart before you check out. You’ll be part of the Free Forever plan indefinitely.

In 2015, I might still have offer a free level, but I’m not entirely sure.


About the Sale – And how you can earn Store Credit for 2015

Earn Store Credit / Gift Certificate

I’m hoping this won’t be too confusing. Many of the products that are for sale right now will be part of the membership in 2015, so I thought it would be great to give you an incentive to purchase now, but also know that anything you spend now will also go towards future membership (the membership that’s currently call VIP Biz Training Club – it might have a name change in the new year).

Name Your Price – How it works

Scroll through the shop and see if there is a product(s) that you’re interested in. Click on the item, and just edit the price.name_your_price

What’s For Sale?

  • Most of the items are “Name Your Price” pricing, set with a minimum price of .99.
  • Rescue Calls, 30, 60, 90 Day Action Plan, and the QuickStart Website program require hands on work from me (not entirely digital), so they have a higher minimum price.
  1. Automate Your Biz
  2. Get Started Now Upgrade Later!
  3. Your First Webinar
  4. Opt In Freebie Workshop – Self Study
  5. Quick Cash Flow Plan
  6. PR For Ordinary People

QuickStart Website Program – will be running again for 4 weeks in February. It’s $299 with a 3 pay option available.

Need Help? Have Questions?

I’ll have the chat feature open most of the day. If you have questions, click on the “chat bubble” on the right side of this page.

And watch this space tomorrow for the quiet release of my newest book, The Fairy Tale Princess Entrepreneur, on Kindle.


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