PORTABLEBIZLogoNEW-300x300What’s new at the Portable Biz Club?

Well, to start with, it’s name is new. The Biz Training Club is now the Portable Biz Club (learn more about the decision in my next blog post)

I’m in love with having everything all in one place. Well, technically two – this blog & the membership area. All of my big courses, and the small, mine courses, in one place.

Update 1: Guest Author Alex Baisley- helping you figure out what to do next.

alexbigdreamprogram-com.jpegFirst, there’s a brand new course from a guest author. One of my favorite people in the world. Alex Baisley. I won’t tell you too much about him, except to say that if you love stories, and something doesn’t quite right in your business dream, going through this class is going to change everything.

You can get access to this course after October 1st

Learn more

Update 2: There’s a new URL to bookmark (

If you had bookmarked that url will still work, but it will probably switch over to in your browser after moving to a new page or lesson.

If you have a password keeper, you might want to update it with the new login info – otherwise I find it sometimes logs me out when I’m not expecting it.

Update 3: Facebook commenting (is almost) ready

Quick update: I was hasty in writing this post. But they’ll hopefully be ready in the next couple of days.

Commenting on course lessons just got easier. Instead of logging into disqus, there’s a Facebook comment box at the bottom of each lesson. It will remain private inside the membership, unless you click the button to share it on Facebook – by default it’s off.

Update 4: Chat/Support inside course lessons

I’ve added a quick link to the support page inside the lesson modules. Instead of having that little pop up hanging around all the time, one click on that button will open up a new tab in the support area.

chat support


Update 5: Frequently Asked Questions are being updated daily

You can search for questions other people have already asked and answered. Plus you’ll also be back at the main menu options, so you can navigate to other courses you’re registered for.

knowledge base portable biz club

Update 7: New Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is getting started! If you want to make recurring commission on any VIP upgrades, let me know and I’ll add you to the affiliate program. I’m still working on promotion material, but in the meantime you can use anything that’s on my site to help promote.

Update 8: Guest Author Spots

I have opened up some guest author spots. If you have a course that you think would benefit the Portable Biz Club community, I’d love to give you access to the author area.

For more info, join in the conversation in the Facebook Group


Update 9: The VIP Upgrade is still on sale until October 4th.

Check your inbox for a coupon code from me. There’s still at least 25 100% off coupon codes that haven’t been claimed. Plus, lots of 75% off ones too.

If you can’t find yours, reach out & I’ll make sure you get access to it.

Here’s 35% off coupon code here, for anyone else who’s not on my email list.

Monthly VIP Portable Biz Club Membership 35% off

Annual VIP Portable Biz Club Membership 35% off

Question or suggestions? Open up the chat window or leave a comment .. let’s connect


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