AF2: Affiliate Welcome Package

When people join your affiliate program, they’re indicating that they are ready to promote your products. This very well may be the most excited they’ll be about your products and services. Take advantage of this time by providing them with an Affiliate Welcome Package. It’s a great way to share all the information they’ll need to get their affiliate statistics, where to find their links and where to go for the great promotional tools you’ll be providing them.

There are several ways to deliver this information:

  • A .pdf document
  • a welcome video
  • a welcome page on your affiliate website that welcomes your affiliates and guide them through the site.

Here’s what should be included in the Affiliate Welcome Package:

  1. About Your Affiliate Program – Include basic info like what commissions are offered, what products they can promote and how much they cost.
  2. About Your Company – Tell them who you are and why they’ve made a smart decision in partnering with you. Make sure you include your contact information in case they have questions.
  3. How to Get Affiliate Materials – Let them know what affiliate resources and materials you offer and how they can be accessed.
  4. How to Check Statistics – Any affiliate who knows what they’re doing is going to want to check their statistics and see how their promotions are doing. Let them know where to go.
  5. What Training You Offer – Do you offer affiliate training to help your affiliates learn how to make more sales? You could have training videos, ecourses, reports or maybe even live webinars to answer their questions as they come up.

You can use graphics in these documents to highlight, demonstrate and brand your materials. Here are some ways a properly placed graphic will help guide your affiliates through the materials:

–        To Brand: Make sure you are branding yourself and your business within the content you send your affiliates so they can immediately recognize your materials when you send out information or promotional tools. Use your picture and logos frequently through the material.

–        To Demonstrate: Taking screenshots is an easy and effective way to show your affiliates where they need to go and what they need to do. Include them frequently throughout your manual and materials.

–        To Highlight: You can highlight your products by including eCovers and showing them examples of banners or buttons that they have access to in your affiliate area.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, your affiliates are HOT when they sign up to your program! Catch them at that stage and keep them interested. Show them you are really invested in their success and some of them really will live up to the expectations you’re delivering.

Tomorrow, we’ll get into why providing an affiliate center will give your affiliates a ‘home’ and what you need to do to create one.



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January 24, 2014