AF3: The Affiliate Center

Most affiliate software is not very good at laying out the materials and resources your affiliates need in a way that’s easy to use (and if we’re being blunt, many just plain suck at it).

This means that if you rely on your affiliate software system to train and educate your affiliates, you’re most likely losing some people due to confusion, frustration or lack of time to figure out where to go and what to do.

The solution is to provide a well-stocked affiliate center that can be the ‘home base’ for your affiliate program.

I recommend you use WordPress and a good hosting company to set up a website and blog combo that your affiliates can return to regularly. (Want an example? Have a look here: <href=””>

What goes in your affiliate center? Here’s the rundown: 

  1. Link to information about signing up as an affiliate.
    Make sure to include detailed information for anyone interested in joining your affiliate program. This helps those who may have just ended up at your page. Let them know things like; how much commission you pay, when you pay your affiliates, how you pay your affiliates, what kind of promotional tools they will receive, how they can get updates and more.
  2. Link to login to affiliates software for links and statistics updates.
    Because your affiliates will see this site as their ‘home base,’ make sure you give them a clear path to get information from your site and also to login to the affiliate software to get their links and statistics.
  3. Promotional materials like text ads, graphics, reports, tweets, etc.
    The tools you provide your affiliates are key to their success. Let your affiliates know where to find them by having a link in your navigation and in your footer.
  4. Updates, such as new products or promotional tools, changes to the products, contests and more.
    Keep your affiliates in the loop. You can use the blog feature in WordPress to create timely updates that your affiliates.
  5. Special affiliate training like videos, ecourses, etc.
    Training your affiliates not only helps them learn more about affiliate marketing in general, but it also teaches them more about your business and the affiliate system that you use. Don’t assume your affiliates know everything about your affiliate program. Make a point to give them the information in the most comprehensive manner possible.

Your affiliate center is a long-term investment in your business, take some time to lay it out and get it well-stocked.


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January 24, 2014