AF4: Copywriting for your affiliate program

The words you use count, so take the time to put them together in a manner that clearly tells the story of your business, what you have to offer and why people should buy from you. This is true in your marketing, and it’s true in your affiliate program as well.

Your affiliates don’t know your business like you do. They may not be able to bring forth the emotion and conviction that you could. If you provide the info they need, they can act on your behalf.

Some people think copywriting is only for professionals. Nonsense! You know your business better than anyone you can hire to write $1000 copy for you. Money won’t make them care, money won’t give them your experiences and money won’t build the trust you’ve worked hard to build within your market. Of course a good copywriter can ‘coach’ these things out of you, but if you’re a DIYer then you’ll need to sharpen your mind and start using these good copy practices in your marketing materials:

Good Copywriting Practices:

–        Get Straight to the Point. Long, drawn-on sentences do nothing but bore your readers, especially online. On the internet people are hopping from site to site and they can be gone in the blink of an eye. Don’t beat around the bush and risk losing them.

–        Be Real. Don’t hype. In most visitors’ eyes Hype = Scam. Just don’t do it. Don’t exaggerate. Don’t sell them something you’re not going to deliver.

–        Break Up Your Copy. If you are writing a salespage or an article, make sure you break your copy up with spaces, headlines, images, bolding, bullet points, number lists and other formatting techniques. A huge block of text causes people to feel overwhelmed and they’ll tune out as a result.

–        Talk to Your Customer. You need to tell the person reading your text what’s in it for them. A great way to this is to talk straight to them. Don’t talk in theory or in the third person. Say ‘you’, ‘you’re’, etc.

–        Include a Call to Action. Once you’ve gotten them interested, make sure they know what to do next – tell them with a call to action.

–        Match Up Expectations. Once people click to try or buy, make sure you deliver exactly what you promised. This simple technique leads to great conversions (and happy affiliates).

Copywriting is used in many places for your affiliate program:

  1. In salesletters.
  2. In articles and blog posts.
  3. In button and banner ads.
  4. In tweets and facebook posts.

This might sound like a whole lot of work and a lot of materials to create, but you can take a shortcut if you master the art of repurposing. Take your salesletter copy and turn it into an article, then take your article and turn it into a blog button, then take your button and turn it into a tweet and a Facebook post. Challenge yourself to see how much you can get done in one sitting. You can even give yourself a time limit and then work as fast as you can (20 minute spurts work great). Here’s a handy link for an online egg timer:

Take the time to write good copy for all your marketing materials and graphics. It will be well worth the effort when your potential customers hear you speak their name and start accepting your offers more often.


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January 24, 2014