AF6: Banners for your affiliates to use

Your affiliates are coming from all backgrounds. Some of them could be super-affiliates who know the ropes and make their living promoting programs just like yours, some could be brand new to affiliate marketing, some could have just started their first website, some might have a high traffic site and a moderate experience of affiliate marketing.

ALL of them have one thing in common – they need great promotional tools from YOU so they’re well-equipped to make sales!

An affiliate program staple has been and probably always will be banner and button ads.

In today’s lesson we’re going to cover:

  1. What kind of ads to create.
  2. How to plan out your ad.
  3. How to get affiliates to use those ads!

What Kind of Banner Ad Should You Create?

The most common banner ad sizes are 250×250, 125×125 buttons and 468×60, 728×90 banners. Why? They fit well in the available space on most sites. The button ads are great along the sidebar of your affiliates’ blogs and the banner ad fits in a header, footer or at the top of a relevant page.

How To Plan a Good Ad

  1. Know What Your End Goal Is. Your affiliates want ads that promote your product so they can get their commissions. What is the most effective way for you to communicate your product in a few short words?
  2. Create a Call to Action. Usually ‘Click Here’ is a pretty good call to action when you are limited on space. Tell the viewer exactly what they should do next.
  3. Choose Your Words Wisely. Small spaces call for careful choices. Don’t use extra words that are not needed. Straight to the point is important – don’t make the visitor guess what you mean!
  4. Make It Stand Out (or Blend In). There are two techniques you could use. The first is to create a button ad that stands out no matter what affiliate site it ends up on. The second is to make it blend in to a website so it almost looks like text and less like an ad. Both are effective, you’ll just need to decide which one works best for the products you’ll be promoting. Or you could provide both and let your affiliates choose!
  5. Don’t Put your URL on the Graphics. A common mistake made by businesses is branding their affiliate graphics with their URL. Your affiliate wants her commission, not to do a brand awareness campaign for you. Putting the website URL is a great big NO-NO because the visitor might choose not to click on the graphic, and instead type in the website which will result in a lost commission for your affiliate.
  6. Make Sure It’s Accurate. The last thing you want to do is offer a banner that promises one thing but delivers another. When people click on that ad they want to see what they were promised. So, if your ad says ‘Click Here to Sign Up Now’ make sure they can find the signup link easily or you’ll catch ’em, then lose ’em just as quick – and lose their trust.

How to Get Affiliates to Use Those Ads!

You put a lot of work and effort into creating ads for your affiliates. It would be a shame if they didn’t actually use them.

So, how do you get your affiliates to put them up on their sites?

Here are a few handy tips:

  • Contact key affiliates directly to let them know you have new materials (don’t assume they’ll read each and every email you send, or come to your affiliate resources site to check on new offerings without being told).
  • Make sure you give out the full copy/paste HTML code that affiliates can use quickly and easily.
  • Create new ads to keep it interesting and exciting. Nobody likes old, stale ads. Keep them fresh!

People are still clicking ads. Banner blindness only exists on the most over-the-top websites that are like a highway littered with billboards in every direction.

Provide your affiliates with these sort of tools and not only with them use them, they’ll get excited about the dedication you are showing and catch that energy to put into their own promotions.

Now that you’re an experienced affiliate program marketer, you have homework!

Figure out one graphic you need for your affiliate program and create it. Don’t make it complicated or give me excuses – just go get Gimp from (or Photoshop Elements if you prefer) and make whatever you are capable of today. Or if you like go hire someone to do it for you – just take action today. This information is useless to you if you don’t use it!

Tomorrow we’ll be talking about how to attract affiliates TO your program so you don’t have a bunch of awesome graphics with no one to use them. Talk to you soon,


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January 24, 2014