AF7: How to Attract Affiliates

Today we’re going to cover some practical ways to attract affiliates to your affiliate program using great-quality graphics that capture their attention.

The problem is your affiliate program starts off just like everyone else’s: Empty, with not one affiliate to tell everyone how awesome you are and promote the heck out of your stuff. That is, until you start promoting it.

The first place to go to find affiliates is your immediate circle of influence. Don’t even think about skipping over the people who know, like and trust you. You need to tap those connections first and work with them. Once you’ve reached out to every connection you can find (or maybe you’re new in business or in your niche and don’t have connections), then it’s time to reach out in other ways.

Here are some ideas:

  1. On Your Website – Add affiliate sign-up links to your website as a start. Next, create eye-catching ads that show those browsing through that they can also partner with you. Put your program right out there by advertising with a banner across the top of your site, or down your sidebar, or on a dedicated page you direct people to.
  2. On Other Websites –Another great place to promote your affiliate program is by using banner ads on other, related websites. Also, make sure you get into affiliate directories so that when people go looking, you’ll get found.
  3. In Your Products – Create a button or banner that you put inside your information products to promote your affiliate program to your customers. They are the best people to promote as affiliates because they understand the kind of valuable information you deliver.
  4. In Your Affiliate Center – WordPress is a great platform to use to put up a website that caters directly to your affiliates. Make that center attractive, enticing and exciting with a few well done, well placed promotional graphics.

Once you get potential affiliates into your program, start thinking of ways you can begin building a relationship with them. Affiliates who KNOW you will work harder for you, period. The graphics will get them in the door but your business ethics, quality product and partnership focus will keep them promoting you long-term.

Next time we’ll be talking about how to spice up your salespages.


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January 24, 2014