AF8: Spice up your sales page with graphics skills

It’s your responsibility to create a great salespage that your affiliates will be excited to promote. Something as simple as a single picture can change your sales conversions drastically.

Let’s walk through your sales process:

  1. Potential customer is invited to read about what you have to offer. What is the first thing they see on your site? It could be a great header that captures their attention and draws them further into the copy below. Your header should confirm what your affiliates have already told people they will receive. A header will add to the sales process, not take away from it.
  2. As your potential customer is drawn into your copy they will look for visual clues that they are in the right place. Offer the clues they are looking for with:
    • – Colorful icons to demonstrate your offers.
    • – Pictures of people they can relate to.
    • – Checkmarks that draw the eye.
    • – Order forms that capture attention and get people to click.
    • – eCovers that show what they’re getting (more on this one tomorrow).
    • – Arrows, notes and other attention-getting graphics.

3.  Once they decide to buy from you they’re clicking the ‘buy now’ button. That ends the sales process and begins the customer process where you can continue to offer them great products, awesome content and good graphics.

Here’s a checklist for you to go through if you review your salespage and find it needs a little bit more ‘oomph’:

  • Header Image – Does it illustrate the benefits of the product and the problem it solves?
  • Headlines – Do they stand out?
  • Sub-Headlines – Do they continue to draw the eye through the salespage?
  • Pictures – Do they show the targeted customer, someone prospects can relate to?
  • Ecovers – Do they represent the product and get potential customers excited about it?
  • Images – Do they match your message and contribute to your branding?

We’ve talked about Gimp in a previous lesson. You can use Gimp or Photoshop Elements to create images for your salespage. You can also hire a graphics designer. If you decide to do it yourself keep it simple to start – and test, test, test!

Good graphics will separate your salespage from the fly-by-night scammers out there so take some time to present a professional appearance. Your affiliates will appreciate it!

Next time we’ll be talking abut how to help your affiliates use social media to promote the products you sell.


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June 24, 2016

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