AF9: Social Media

If you’re in business online you know how important it is to be interactive with your market these days. It’s simply no longer a choice to not be connected, if you fail to do it you’ll be missing important opportunities to connect with your customers.

Why not share this responsibility with your affiliates? You can provide them with content and resources they can share on the social networks, with Facebook and Twitter being the two biggies.

Give your affiliates tools they can use to promote your products on these forums. These networks are called ‘social’ for a reason and if your affiliates start sending out promo after promo they’re sure to be ignored. This type of marketing requires a more subtle approach.

Here are some ideas on what you can give your affiliates to help them promote your products while they’re being social:

–        Blog Post Link – Most affiliate software will allow you to create a link to whatever page you want. You could use this to link to your blog. Generally, affiliates won’t want to link to your blog because they want to link direct to the salespage. However, if you create great, sharable content that they’ll want to link to anyway then it’s a good idea to tell your affiliates they can use an affiliate link so they get that cookie that will track future sales.

–        Free Report – Give your affiliates great reports that they can brand and then give away on their own blogs or via social media by linking to on Facebook and Twitter as a valuable resource for their readers.

–        Free Video – Again your affiliates can post the video to their blog (along with their affiliate link, of course) and then link to it from Facebook and Twitter.

–        Webinar or Teleseminar – Live events provide great value and are definitely sharable. Tell your affiliates to post about it on their websites and then link to it from their social media profiles, using their affiliate links.

Tell your affiliates to check the policies of the places where they are placing affiliate links. In some situations they may be considered spamming if they use their affiliate link in the wrong place. I have also seen Facebook stripping out affiliate links from personal posts – that’s why it’s a better idea to link to their own websites and then link out with an affiliate link.

Social media is a great tool for your affiliates. Your affiliates are out building relationships and interacting with people in your target market, so why not help them make money doing something that comes naturally?

And this ends our ecourse on how to promote your affiliate program using great content and graphics.

You’ve taken the first step by reading this report but don’t waste this information! Pick one of the suggestions right now and go do it. Every action you take gets you one step further in selling more products.

All the best in your affiliate promotions!


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January 24, 2014